Clinical Trials & COVID-19

The Investigational Drug

Efruxifermin (EFX) is an investigational drug which may have the potential to reverse liver scarring and to reduce other symptoms of NASH.

What Does “Investigational” Mean?

EFX is called an “investigational” drug because it has not been approved by regulatory authorities, like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for improving NASH. It can only be used in clinical research studies.

How Does EFX Work?

EFX is designed to target NASH by improving fat levels in the liver. EFX may help with compensated cirrhosis due to NASH by reducing liver fat, inflammation, and scarring.

Will I Receive EFX if I Join the Study?

If you qualify to participate in the study, you may receive EFX. This study is comparing EFX with a placebo (a substance that looks like EFX but does not contain any active ingredients):

Have Other People Taken EFX Before This Study?

Yes. EFX has already been used in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, which studied the effects of EFX in healthy volunteers, people with type 2 diabetes, and people with NASH. Symmetry is a Phase 2 study of EFX dedicated to testing its effect in people with NASH. Learn more about clinical research.